Pronunciation: Ahk-les-se-an

Stage 0

The Aklesian rat starts off life as a small round bundle of fur. Although they are technically rats their soft round appearance is often more mouse like. They have very long tails that end in a puff of long fur, and the ears are large for such a small creature. Like most infants the young baby rat will spend most of its time sleeping or eating.

Stage 1

Once it becomes more active you will be able to see the soft tawny coat, and the energy these little timorous beasties have. They love any species of companion and will happily scuttle for hours up and along the arms of their owner.

Stage 2

In their adolescence before they become fully grown the little rats find their calling and either practice their combat skills or research their varied magical abilities. They start to gather the equipment, or armor they will need. They are great scavengers.

Stage 3

The adult rats are starkly different in their appearance and attitude, though they will always remain small. The warrior rats, or mice guards as they are sometimes know, have a fair sandy coat of fur covered in bits of self made armor and a white tabard. Grasped in their small fingers are often pin like swords, or round shields. As fast and adept as any human they are brilliant duelists and pick up fighting moves quickly with their agile bodies. Underestimating a mice guard will end badly for anyone. The same goes for their darker relatives, the spell casting rats, or Skulldrats (comes from 'skulled rats') as they were named from the customary ancestors skull they wear on their head. Though they can often pick up any spell with ease they tend to lean towards the darker arts. A student of voodoo or black magic will be advised to have one of these useful creatures around.


Carulien Desert

Other info

Breed group:  Rodent
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No