Pronunciation: A-ve-lid-aye

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These large beautiful birds are handled only by Aire singers due to their understanding of flight, the air around them and their mutual love of heights. These birds rarely stop flying, they glide to rest and are only found in high altitudes near mountains. If they do wish to rest the longest feather is actually a working tail containing hollow bones, as well as giving them great movement and steering in the air they can also wrap this tail around a branch or jutting rock. There they sleep hanging upside down like bats but with a head under one wing. They can flap their powerful wings in any timing, hover like a kestrel, glide for hours and perform amazing mid air stunts like barrel rolls, twists and dives. They also have amazing voices and can mimic most noises they hear. They combine a variety of noises into a high sweet song that can lull anyone into a calm mood. When fully extended their wings show the thin but tough layer of see through keratin skin like material that covers the top of the wings and sticks out a little past the feathered part of the wing. It is attached to delicate thin spiny rods of cartilage that run through the main feathers. They do not move like fingers and are fixed in place with only a little flexibility that allows them to fold up the wings. This smooth layer of clear membrane helps protect their feathers allowing them to fly even in storms, the fine layers of feathers are mainly used to keep the birds warm in their freezing cold high altitudes. If for some reason they are unable to fly they can move short distances by walking on the edge of their wings and moving their tail like a snakes body. However they would have to be serious hurt to be forced to do this.

Stage 6


None yet

Other info

Breed group: 
When available:  Not yet
Does it battle?  Yes

Battling stats




Singers breath Singing gale Sung tornado


A small breeze summoned by a few notes that does % damage A powerful and noisy blast of air that does % damage. A devastating tornado summoned by a bitter tune. It does % damage.

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