Pronunciation: A-vis-a-more

Stage 0

This creature starts life in an egg like any ordinary bird, though the vibrant reds and pink heart on it are definitely not ordinary. The eggs are only found on one day of the year, Valentines day. This is because the fourteenth of February is when these birds all come together, drawn to each other, and perform their mating aerial dance before settling down in a nest with their new mate. The rest of the year they glide around wherever the winds take them.

Stage 1

The small egg has hatched out into a cute fluffy ball of pink feathers. It seems pretty happy to be out of its egg as it energetically wanders around looking for new friends. Though because it is defenseless and trusting you will have to keep an eye on what it decides to try and befriend.

Stage 2

Now fully grown but barely bigger than a parrot the Avisamor is a gorgeous pink feathered creature. It gracefully flies around attracted to places that are full of peace and love, though they will also try to spread the feeling to places that have none. Just knowing one is near can soften a hard or closed heart. They have a second smaller wing below the main one that helps it perform the breathtaking aerial mating dances that go on for hours of swooping, spiraling, diving and high haunting singing calls.


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Other info

Breed group:  Small bird (Not breedable)
When available:  Valentines day
Does it battle?  No