Pronunciation: Back-aye

Stage 0

This experiment was definitely the most.... interesting... Originally the intentions were to create a Rosademer that could produce a useful plant product, such as fruit. When we chose grapes due to their various uses and general deliciousness no one could have predicted the outcome... Perhaps we should have used some raw grapes, or the plant and spliced that with the Rosademer, but we had some wine lying around and were curious to see if it was possible to combine the alcoholic drink with the living plant. At first when we saw the thorn surrounded bottle protectively encasing the Rosademer seed we were amazed it seemed to have worked. The pearly seed jigs about in the liquid with a steady rhythm which the plant keeps throughout its life.

Stage 1

Once the purple seed 'hatched' we were met with a slightly plumper than usual Rosademer, we presume its from the time it spends soaking in the rich wine instead of being on a barren stone surface like a normal pearl seed. It is also much more mature and grows up a lot faster than a normal Rosademer plant. Though its nature is still the same, naughty, curious and mischievous.

Stage 2

 However it doesnt seem to grow out of this troublesome phase, instead it becomes more... flirtatious, and fun-loving. The adult is... very, curvy. Although no taller than the average Rosademer they are a lot, bigger, in other ways. And they certainly seem to know it. If I ever lost a lab assistant I knew where to find them. Apart from watching them the fact that they did indeed manage to grow tasty grapes, and even produce wine in their, er, semi-transparent chest pods, always drew a crowd to them. They seem to love the attention and thrive on it, their jiggling and swaying motions getting more excited the more people watch, which sort of self-perpetuates things. The wine Rosademers attitude and abilities have given them the nickname 'Bacchae Rosademer', named after the reveling wild female followers of an ancient wine God. Another unusual feature is they seem to have have much more expression than normal due to the addition of mouths on their smooth faces. Even more surprisingly they seem to be able to mimic short bursts of exclmations, such as 'yay!' or 'great!' Though there is no sign of any real intelligence. Unfortunately although they can be a good source of food and drink its unlikely we will be able to solve world hunger with these. However they do make an incredible addition to any party, as long as there is someone brave enough to take these challenging creatures on and grow them up.

Stage 3

This is the breeding stage, the creatures can now breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


Loreuna science centre

Other info

Breed group:  Plant
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Spliced from:  Rosademer x Wine


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