Pronunciation: Bay-el-tay-n

Stage 0

These little firey foxes stay curled up in a blazing ball of red fur until thier old enough to defend themselves.

Stage 1

When a little older they will start exploring thier world as any curious youngster would. Thier oddly cool blue eyes surrounded by the rich fur will be cnostantly looking around in wonder. Though most of the time the fox itself is the most wonderous thing around.

Stage 2

The Baeltain fox is an almost ethereal creature that lives inside fires, hence why it is named after the holiday of Baeltain, or as it is more commonly known, bonfire night. On this night large pyres cover the land, and colourful sparks explode throughout the night sky in a combined celebration of fire and the burning of a famous conspirator, Guy Fawkes. This is very inviting to the normally rare, small and timid foxes who will come out and dance in the large flames encouraging the embers to reach into the cold night sky. Their crimson fur is completely fire proof, though embers often get caught in the fur sometimes making it look as though the animal itself is on fire. Especially when it shakes itself and sends the embers flying everywhere like water off a normal fox, though it does make these a little dangerous as pets. The quality of its fur makes it very valuable for people who deal with fire, though it doesnt stop much of the heat. Baeltain's are used to very high temperatures, they will die if exposed to snowy climates. So if there is no source of heat around and the temperature goes low these foxes will hibernate until they feel some warmth again. The experience of standing in the chilled autumn air with family and friends, sipping on warm drinks while watching the firey creatures and fireworks is an amazing experience in the usually drab and dark days before winter.

~Remember remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder, treason

Should ever be forgot...~


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Other info

Breed group:  Canine (Not breedable)
When available:  Bonfire night/5th of November
Does it battle?  No