Pronunciation: Sar-ba-tare-s

Stage 0

Birthday Sarbatares are obviously only found burrowed into gifts at birthday parties, thier bright colours and attitude help uplift any party.

Stage 1

It wont take long for the little creature to tumble out and join in the fun.

Stage 2

As they giddily jump about the puppy like creatures often get caught up in the decorations and are amusing entertainment as they run around festooned in torn streamers and balloons. If you join the Loreuna market forum a friend will probably send you a gift with one of these in it on your birthday since they are fun to have around.


The Keystone

Other info

Breed group:  Celebration (Not breedable)
When available:  The Keystone code is only given out in a private message during a members birthday.
Does it battle?  No

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