Burger and fries

Beef is popular the world over, slapped between two bread buns with various tasty fillings it’s a solid family favourite. Also comes with fries.


Type:  food
Location: Ferdoli foods
Cost: 10 gems
Effect: Raises clicks by 5
Tradable: Yes
Consumable: Yes



1 beef burger (rump or steak burgers are good)

2 Burger buns (top and bottom)

A few leaves of lettuce

A couple of slices of your favourite cheese

Any other topping you like, which can include onion(red or white), ketchup, mustard, pickles, and even bacon.

Oven chips/fries, or peel and cut your own potato chips/fries to fry in sunflower oil. 


Grill or fry all of the above up, except maybe the lettuce, cheese and burger buns, then slap it all together. Its a pretty easy tasty meal... Or you could just order out...