Pronunciation: Care-ei-say

Stage 0

These moorland dwelling creatures start out as frail little lambs. The wool has barely started to grow yet, this baby sheep will take some looking after to raise it into a strong Cairisay.

Stage 1

As it grows the sheep develops more wool, it will be growing thicker by the day. The differences between pale highland horned sheep and lowlands dark coloured sheep start to show now. Although the lowlands are adapted to their low forested marshes and the highlands are built for the steep wind blown hilltops the two breeds are often mixed meaning the offspring can be either yellow or blue. Some say the highland sheep are only born in the day while the lowlands are only born at night, but its most likely a rumour. The highlands are often a gentle yellow with brown curved horns and the lowlands have a beautiful white speckled deep blue coat.

Stage 2

A fully grown Cairisay sheep is a beautiful creature. Although they are a herding species kept mainly for their amazing wool one raised by a human can make a surprisingly good pet. They are a very gentle, loving and sweet natured animal, unless a male is threatened or in mating season. The grand horns that curl around the highlands ears are often scarred or worn down from many fierce courting battles or defending the flock from predators. This is because unlike the lowlands that can hide and run easily through their forested environment the highlands live on cliffs and large open areas where they need more defense. These horns are valued as a symbol of places where the Cairisay is bred, they often proudly use a symbol of the horns as their insignia. The thick and wonderfully warm wool pelts that are gathered are used in all sorts of textile goods, from rugs to coats. You can tell without even looking if it is a Cairisay wool product from the faint sweet smell that tends to accompany it. The lowlands dark blue coat that symbolizes the beauty and mystery of the night is often more popular than the highlands sallow wool in fashion.

Stage 3

This is the breeding stage, the creatures can now breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


 Byseniath Moors

Other info

Breed group:  Grazing livestock
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No