Pronunciation: Kris-tal

Stage 0

A neat and large green wrapping is customary with this present.

Stage 1

The kristal yew tree comes from near Norway and loves cold snowy climates. It can often be found clinging to rocky mountain sides and can endure even the roughest of blizzards. However it can also be kept in the home, though preferably not near any heaters or working fireplaces. If it is grown from a young age you will notice at first it appears to look like an ordinary pine, apart from iridescent almost glowing bauble-like cones that grow at the tips of branches. They are inedible, but can be used in all sorts of decoration.

Stage 2

As the yew grows older it will start to spread its branches creating a few levels of thick bush like leaves. The baubles grow as well, into larger pointed crystal like stones that nestle on top of the leaf tufts. These precious crystals sparkle and glow, even after they have been taken from the tree. They are shed like pine cones, but take decades to grow back. Another oddity is the swaying movement of the tree. they slow down to be nearly still after a few thousand years, but the young ones merrily bob about making them popular at parties. This very strange trait is probably to help stop the snow from collecting on the spread out branches and snapping them. The trees dont grow very large and are very long lived, several of the oldest being over six thousand years old. This is one of the most festive presents to give as its rainbow coloured sparkling fruit can out do any christmas tree.


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Other info

Breed group:  Plant (Not breedable)
When available:  Two weeks before Christmas
Does it battle?  No

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