Heres a list of all the breed group categories.

Domestic cat - small cats

Big cat – large cat like beasts

Rodent - small mouse like things

Large rodent - bunny sized rodents

Canine - dogs/small canids

Large canid - giant wolf/canine

Small bird - up to pigeons size

Big bird -about or over two feet

Large mammal - Any other mammal about the size of a big cat or larger

Deer - deer

Grazing livestock - sheep/goats

Horse - drase and horses

Fish - fishy creatures, fins, gills, ect

Undead - anything bony or rotting

Celebration - party pets

Ethereal - other dimension ones like the umbra slugs

Plant - living plants

Crustacean – aquatic insects

Pinniped - seals

Fluffy serpent - usahnigi

Serpent - snake like creatures

Dragon - large lizard

Object - lifeless objects

Golem - living enchanted objects

Electronic - electronic pet/tamigids

Robotic - metal, glass and wires animated by electricity

Crystalline - crystal made pets

Bottle – mini bottles

Insect - all insects

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