One of the joys of having a pet is its companionship as a little friend you can take with you to share your travels. To set off with your pet on a new exploration you must first find the pet you want to take. Selecting this special pet you can then Manage it and get it ready to Explore. Most pets will enjoy spending their time with their owner outside, though the wilder ones might just want to run around! You should always be wary of dangers while your pet is running around, make sure it will not harm itself or anyone nearby.

However you may encounter some wild creatures out there, its advisable to leave them alone thought the more docile ones might make a new interesting pet! Remember to never take an endangered creature or its egg, and you will need to be able to look after it. 

Below is a list of all the creatures available from the exploring with your pet feature available on every pets manage menu, and anything else to do with the areas.

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