Possibly the base of stories about disappearing villages like Brigadoon or Germelshausen the small old town the Felkyo shop is in has some kind of enchantment on it that forces the land the buildings are on to move through the barriers of reality and time to land randomly somewhere. It’s usually in a secluded place, though there have been times when it appeared in a already existing town, creating confusion as streets change and doors lead to places they didn’t before. It often doesn’t last longer than a couple of months, three at the most though there have been hopeful times where it settled for five. Though the other inhabitants dislike always having to move Ruinily likes being able to travel about so much since it gives her a wider market to buy and sell things. The story of what happened to the village has been watered down with retelling and adding of myths to it, though most agree it was something to do with an evil warlock that banished the village for some misdeed such as stealing some of his potions. The buildings around the Felkyo appear to be old with rough grey slated roofs, yellowing coarsely plastered walls, and slightly crooked exposed black painted beams that decorate the outside. However the buildings througout the town have had flourishes from different times, like some which have a smoother architecture reminiscent of the Deco movement, some have rooms added with medieval stonework, a few more have dashes of Mediterranean shapes and colours added to their structure, or ones like the Felkyo have a ornate gothic Victorian touch to them. No one seems to be in charge of the town, possibly it’s too small. People just go about their business gathering resources from wherever they happen to be, the inhabitants have grown to be very adaptive most having some odd method, magic or high tech tool that helps them survive.

The Felkyo Shop Stock 's class is administrator.


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