In Loreuna there are two great areas to fish in, the large lake in the middle of the grassy plain, or the pier at the harbour where the boats are docked. The fish in these bodies of water have seeped in from whatever environment the town has been to, so there could be anything in there. More species will appear as time goes on and the village travels more. To keep the caught fish alive as pets you will need to place them in a container. There are some reliable free spherical ones available at the bait stall. Otherwise you will have to magically freeze them if you dont want them in a bowl.

You will also need to purchase some bait from the bait stall if you wish to fish, otherwise you wont be allowed to fish there. You only need one bait pot whenever you visit the fishing area, after that you will be left alone to fish backwards and forwards as much as you want. Some people may want to catch as many fish as they can in one go to make the most of their bait.

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