Nathair is the Irish word for snake, and is used as a name for the two types of rare snake that appear on St Patricks day and seems attracted to the alcohol. The two large snake breeds are called Padraick and Semairog. Both have lush green scales with ornate white patterns running down their sides. They dont appear to be poisonous, and have a gentle though boisterous and stubborn nature. The main difference between the two types is the leafy decoration on the end of their tail. The Padraick seem to have originated in Southern Ireland while the Semairog comes from Northern Island. The two are rarely found in the same place. If one comes across the other the carefree nature will disappear and the intruder will be fiercely warned away depending on the territory. They managed to survive transportation across the seas and are able to survive anywhere with deep forests where they can set up colonies and hide away for the rest of the year.

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