The sparkling pets are obviously called this because of their highly reflective fur, skin or scales. Due to their beautiful resemblance to rare materials, and their lack of camouflage ability, they have become hard to find in the wild. However the Loreuna lottery foundation usually manages to keep a good breeding stock of them. The species available from the lottery incorporate the most valuable materials in Loreuna, silver, gold, jade, and a special blue silvery crystal. The chance to buy them is exchanged for winning lottery tickets, though of course the tickets cost a few gems, and there is a good chance you will not get the right numbers. Then the ticket becomes unexchangeable for pets and worthless. To speed up the winning process each ticket is made out of technology infused thin metallic rubbers which allows it to be filled in by touch and you will instantly know whether you've won or not. If you do not win the little green face icon will turn red. Dont expect to win everytime of course, you'll need either a lot of luck or a lot of gems to get one of these amazing pets.

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