This dark place is a gathering place for people of all kinds. It has served a wide variety of beings a few being angels, demons, vampires, golems, mages, shapeshifters, and a few Gods. The enchanted self regenerating building is literally a Sanctuary for those that want to escape being hunted as it is on a odd island named Havenhood. This chunk of land is extremely hard to track due to a distortion in the dimension around it. However along with the powerful but harmless or good entities that found the island there have been and probably will be a number of evil beings that tried to take over either the island or its inhabitants. It keeps things interesting to say the least. Many epic battles have been fought on this land, many epic friendships or courtships have also been founded on this island. The lengthy stories of this place are far too long and many to detail here, so I shall leave them out for now. Apart from the Sanctuary the island also has a small recently rebuilt town, a spine of mountains reaching along its width, and the rest is covered in wild forests spotted with rivers, lakes, and various castles or ruins. The bar is nearly in the middle of the island and surrounded by the lush deciduous trees with a lake nearby. The beautiful and serene loch is called the Goddess lake since a nature Goddess created it for the people of the Sanctuary. Though the building has not been standing longer than a few years the people that visit it have formed a strong and very bizarre family that will protect, or rebuild the place with all of their strength. A few of the core members are Sheggorath the ex-god catman, his wife the scarred warrior Saji , their son the cute mischievous Sheggan , Lunasif the firey werecat, Konro the wind-user and charming bartender, Cita the part dragon mostly void demon, Negra the foxman magical painter, Nightmare the Greek Goddess of bad dreams, and last but not least Damian the resurrected angel bar owner who built it himself.

Below is a list of all items in the sanctuary bar, and anything else to do with the building.

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