Dont you just love curling up with your hard earned candy on a Halloween night as the wind howls in the darkness and you get to be scared out of your wits with some chilling stories? Thats what this book is for, Spooky or devilish stories originating from much older tales deep in the tradion of story telling. Read on, if you dare... but first, have some candy...

Trick or treat bag

Beware of what might be in these mysterious bags, when give out by strange old ladies theres rarely candy inside… But if you want to take the risk and theres none in the curiosity shops there is rumours of an old lady haunting the town gallows. That would be the best place to start looking, and be sure to leave a large fee to avoid curses. If you do happen to get one of these bags and it feels more like fur and bones inside try tipping it out, carefully. Some witches were known to store their familiars in bags like this, tipping the remains out brought the creature back to life. It made keeping the familiar around much easier, and they could live forever like that. However this type of living often affected the creature in supernatural ways…

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