The Vieren is a plant based life form similar in biology to the Rosademer, but it looks and acts differently. While the Rosademer will act more like an animal the Vieren acts primarily like a plant. It wont move much unless its environment isnt right for it, for example they can always be found in the sun as they move a little to follow it. However they dont mind wrapping their tendrils around someone's arm or shoulder and staying there for a while as long as they are well watered. As with normal plants you will find different types of Vieren throughout the year, one type only appears in spring and another in summer for example. They are highly likely to appear in the Garden, so why dont you go to your creatures and explore with them! Whichever season they appear in they seem to be able to positively effect the surrounding vegetation using a strong plant pheromone, which is a secreted chemical something like a scent which other plants react to. They are very popular with people who love their gardens or need a better harvest due to this pheromone which can increase plant growth and seed production in many species. Their own large seeds look similar to plain pebbles covered in protective vines and are very tough able to survive most situations. The young germinating Vieren is very delicate though so owners have to be careful with them until they grow stronger and become an adult.


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