These experimental MX (motor cross) bikes promise a unique experience to anyone lucky enough to buy one as they are both a pet, a guardian, and a brilliant method of transport in one. On the cutting edge of modern and future technology the secret to these exciting cross country bikes is the rare energy the machine runs off. A type of chemically bred protoplasm that gives off large amounts of light energy is cycled through the bikes system that syphons the energy into the mechanics that allow it to run along the ground and hover. So far there are two breeds of this protoplasmic substance, one gives off a cool blue glow while the other is a heated red. There is no other difference in their performance besides a slight and mysterious difference in personality if the owner converts the bike to its wolf mode. The red energy driven wolf is slightly more outgoing in nature while the blue energy fed wolf is more conservative. However they have a top of the line artificial intellect that can easily learn any command, therefore as stated in the contract signed upon purchase any disagreeable action performed by any Wolf MX bike is entirely blamed on the owner. Luckily there are various safety protocols programmed into it along with its voice and image recognition programs, a high speed processor that can give a real brain a run for its money which means it will only attack strangers in certain defensive situations. To upgrade the bike to the wolf mode will take a while, but is well worth it. Some people may keep the bike as it comes with its streamline and sleek appearance, though the wolf mode is more likely to be appealing to those that enjoy riding an animal, or that like an animals company. Also a wolf mode bike has never been stolen for obvious reasons. If you wish to convert the bike simply follow the instructions it will come with, though be warned there is no way to get it converted back to its original bike mode. Though do not worry the wolf can easily travel at the same speed at the bike, both of which currently outrun most other modes of transport.

These bikes are available from the repair shop, though as they are hand made this is a purchase you will need your checkbook for.

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