Pronunciation: Maw-jab-it

Stage 0

If you receive a present that feels like ice to the touch and may have a thin layer of frozen liquid around it you know you have just gotten a Maujabit, also called a snow bunny.

Stage 1

These chilly pets are incredibly cute balls of thick white fluff, though they must be handled with a bit of care in cold conditions. They have an interesting method of keeping warm, they somehow suck the warmth straight out of their surroundings giving them the feeling of nearly always being cold. However their internal temperature is normal, the icy aura only goes down to the skin, which is also resistant to freezing temperatures. This means these pets can happily survive an ice age, which is how some people think they came to be. Although they are usually only found in the distant and unoccupied areas of snowy tundra they can live in warmer climates too. They also draw less warmth from the air if they are kept toasty.

Stage 2

They are a shy creature which is why they hide in the desolate snowy areas, but they do breed easily in a special captivity, which has led to them being a popular pet at Christmas time. Although the wild ones are shy with people they all seem to have an affinity with streamers, as the owners soon find out as the bunnies will insist on diving into the wrapping paper tossing it about. Most owners let the rabbits keep a few streamers to play with, it is immensely cute to watch them bat at the shiny dangling streamers on their ears. The snow bunnies will grow a set of icicle like wings on their back, in the wild this expands the area which they can absorb heat from. There seems to be very little nerve action in the wings, which means they cant feel much with them. Otherwise they would be able to feel the biting cold they live in. They have to use their sensitive ears to sense whether they will be able to get into a small space with the wings. Their favourite thing to eat is evergreens, like pines and holly. It is common for a bit of the leaves to get stuck on its thick fur, but it doesnt bother the creature at all. They sometimes nibble it later, and the spiky holly also helps repel some predators. Though most owners just think it looks cute. These snowball like bunnies are well loved throughout the world, and a very cute gift for anyone to receive.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Large rodent (Not breedable)
When available:  Two weeks before Christmas
Does it battle?  No

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