Stage 0

A crazy ball of soft brown fur and nearby plants. The newborn calves although large and already horned are weak, clumsy and generally defenceless against the harsh, barren moors, grassland and highlands that their fierce, strong, proud yet loyal and selectively gentle breed of cattle live on. These very young Coukats will usually stay curled up under the low growing plants to survive the brooding and unforgiving weather as this is the only cover available on the open heathland.

Stage 1

As the young Coukat grows stronger they grow a lot more lively and bigger faster. They can be seen chasing each other and darting over the bogs and grasses of the highlands. The long sharp horns can be dangerous to anyone without a hide as thick as the adult cows hair like fur. This is when the youngsters learn to control these deadly weapons used to fend off predators or any other threat. People used to herbivore cattle may also be surprised to see a small set of canines growing in the calf's mouth. This is normal for a Coukat since despite their appearance they are actually closer in mentality and diet to a wild boar, or a pig. They will eat whatever is available, plants, nuts, berries, or even scavenged meat if they can find it.

Stage 2

Although overly defensive and sometimes grumpy enough to charge anything that moves a group of Coukats serenely standing grazing on the high fields is very calming to watch as the fierce temper seems to disappear into a gentle contemplative state. They take very good care of their young and even others in the herd which is where their reputation for loyalty comes from. If you befriend one of these you will have a faithful friend for life, just be careful if you have a lot of friends over as they tend to protect their owner and dont like strangers getting too close. The fronds of plants in their coats are actually small living bits of the surrounding greenery. Oddly this doesnt seem to have any negative effect on them, and actually seems to help them as they can graze on the plants in their coat when food becomes short. This in turn keeps the plants short and continuously growing. This odd symbiosis has made some people think a clump of Coukat hair helps their garden grow, but it hasnt been proven yet.

Stage 3

The Coukat actually gets even more unpredictable and on edge when breeding season hits, its best to stay as far away as possible and let them get on with things at this time...


Exploring with your creatures

Other info

Breed group:  Grazing livestock
When available:  During the day from about 12pm to 5pm
Does it battle?  No

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