Stage 0

Despite their cold defenses once they are brought up amongst people they become much warmer in nature, though they will only take to one person after hatching and will usually let only that person touch them without accidently freezing their fingertips.

Stage 1

The beautiful crystadragon is smaller and longer in the body than most of the large lizards considered dragons. However this snake like dragon is very special, instead of breathing fire it breathes a sort of freezing substance that coats its prey in a pale mercury material like snow which instantly lowers the poor animals body temperature so much that it dies. Luckily since the dragon is usually only about four feet long it goes after small creatures like mice and wouldnt attack a human unless provoked.

Stage 2

It is not advisable to annoy one of these glittering dragons as the freezing breath still works very well on people and can freeze a whole hand. Luckily this is very rare as they are a tranquil creature and usually only found very high up in the atmosphere in very small numbers. However they also have an affinity for water and can sometimes be found in lakes playing amongst the sunbeams that filter through clear water. This beautiful sight is like nothing else in nature, ethereal, enchanting and enthralling. The ghostly orbs that float about near the dragon seems to be made from the same smooth pale blue liquid metal their body is made of. This would explain how they can control these orbs, when threatened the orbs quiver and move frantically in a defensive show meant to scare off anything that would want to hurt it. However it is very hard to grip these slippery lizards since they move fast like water, and the freezing substance is also coating their body as a defense in case anything tries to take a bite. You can only own 3 of these pets.


1 in 100 chance in the lottery

Other info

Breed group:  Dragon (Not breedable)
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No

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