Pronunciation: Dew-bo-a

Stage 0

The Dewboa owl egg is well coloured for camouflage in the desert. Hidden in the sandy dunes of the Carulien desert you might find one of these beautifully streaked eggs.

Stage 1

The newly hatched chick of the Dewboa is a ball of fluffy grey feathers constantly trying to get attention for food off whatever it considers its parent. It is very active and always hungry.

Stage 2

As its feathers grow in the owl becomes a lot quieter as it begins to hunt its own food. Its diet mainly consists of desert rodents. Tiny spikes have appeared along the edge of its wings, and its seems to grows bigger by the day.

Stage 3

In its adult stage the Dewboa owl is a large reserved bird, and perfectly silent when flying across the moonlit dunes. In the day it sleeps either in quiet hollows dug in the sand, or in a old hollow cactus. The strong looking spikes on its wings help it dig these places, it is one of very few birds that have wings made for digging. It still has no problem gliding over the vista on its well built wings, its screeching call echoes out along the waves of darkened sand.

Stage 4

As it grows older the owl's plumage becomes grayer and the feathers on its head above its eyes grow longer with age. Although it doesnt move with the same eager energy it once had the owl still has a long life ahead of it. They are known for their long lives, and, it is assumed, the great wisdom they learn from it.


Carulien Desert

Other info

Breed group:  Big bird
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No