Pronunciation: Di-tus-ra

Stage 0

This is a highly unusual type of manufactured pet that is only created on a certain day when all the numbers in the date are the same. There is an odd glitch in a certain brand of smart time keeping gadget. A popular story about the cause of the glitch states that it happens because the secretly ingenious engineer that designed the clocks inner workings. He had tried to capture a particular moment in time and hold it inside the clock causing it to warp and take on the life from that frozen moment. Though the prototypes mostly failed a supposedly harmless clock was instead made from the design, though no one knew about the glitch. Once the numbers on the display start flashing like in the picture below you will know you got a Ditusra clock. Thier known for their reaction on dates with reoccurring tens in them.

Stage 1

At first most people thought the clock had been broken somehow when the wires spontaneously erupted and the casing started to cracked open. However this is just the first stage of its transformation. Some think it was the death of its simple clock form and the birth of its more advanced shape. As the device pulls itself back together the metals and plastics used in its construction seem to twist and create new limbs or features that are somehow both organic and mechanical. The machines AI is simple at first, but its smart programming is centered around learning. It soon picks up basic though patterns and becomes similar to a highly intelligent pet.

Stage 2

The fully unfolded adult Ditusra can be as fierce as a tiger, or as gentle as a domestic cat depending on what its programing learnt from its surroundings. This particular model tends to base itself on more feline targets, though they struggle with the legs which stay mechanical for easy and quick movement. Because of their adapting, sometimes unpredictable, and possibly even dangerous behaviour these clocks used to come with a warning before they became discontinued. Now they are treated as extremely rare collectors items, even the corrupted violent ones are kept safe in cages and sold for a good price. This is possibly why some traders rumours say the Ditusra gives its owner lucky timing with bargains and deals, which increased its price even more among traders.



Other info

Breed group:  Robotic (Not breedable)
When available:  It was only available on the 10th of october 2010 and cant be bought from the Felkyo shop anymore.
Does it battle?  No

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