Stage 0

Otherwise known as a pet rock this creature seems to be an ordinary pebble. These can be found on beachs, in rivers, forests, gutters, shoes, pretty much anywhere...

Stage 1

After a while of being well looked after the stone has split somehow, and some odd multi coloured alien lights have started to flash on the stones surface. Maybe it's not an ordinary stone after all...

Stage 2

By the next stage the rock is still multiplying, and it appears to have learnt how to move. It has lost it's glowing lights though. Instead it seems to enjoy reorganizing itself into random patterns or shapes, it is interesting and a little hypnotizing if you watch them for a while.

Stage 3

Eventually the living stone seems to have formed into a golem dinosaur like creature. It is solid and sturdy, yet a bit noisy as it clambers around. It will eat any stones you throw its way, though it doesnt need to eat much. If over fed these rock dinosaurs can grow very big. They make great protectors as the stone is nearly impossible to cut or smash, and if it is damaged it is able to rebuild itself from the rubble. Though if it is totally destroyed too many times it may run out of the energy needed to rebuild.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Golem
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No