Pronunciation: Dros-stall

Stage 0

The newly born fawn of the Drostall deer is very small and weak at first. Maybe this is to help it keep still and hide in the sparse cover of the moorland where the herd roams. However most people just think its cute.

Stage 1

Reaching adolescence the skittish fawn starts to grow quickly and has to get used to its much longer legs. They can often be seen darting about inbetween the older herd members as they practice running, leaping and dodging. It looks like a expression of lighthearted freedom as they giddily chase about the open moors. Now the highland deer will start to grow their horns, and the lowland deers coat will grow darker. Because of the different areas of harsh mountainous terrain and lower marshy moorlands the deer have developed different ways of surviving. Though they can be found living together in roaming herds, particularly in fawn season.

Stage 2

The adult Drostall deer is a beautiful sight against the backdrop of its wild home. They are slender and agile, yet very strong able to nearly leap over the height of an adult male human. It is near impossible to catch up to a running herd of these regal and gentle natured creatures as they will run at the slightest sigh of danger. The lowland deer is the fastest, and able to dodge through the forest scrub without any trouble, unlike their antlered cousins. Though if the highland deer cant run away it will show how powerful the remarkable antlers on its head and the thick horns on the back of its neck are. The stag will dive forwards twisting its neck around mid leap to try and cause as much all around damage as possible to an attacker. It is also a fearsome defensive move, taking on one of these stags unarmed is extremely dangerous. The neck muscles under its mane is where most of its strength lies, it needs this just to hold its head up. The antlers are valuable since various carved weapons and decorations have been made from them for millennia.

Stage 3

This is the breeding stage, the creatures can now breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


Byseniath Moors

Other info

Breed group:  Deer
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Spliced:  Drasedeer