Stage 0

These superb gadgets named the E-Liz are cutting edge companion computers. The name is short for Electronic Lizard. They can be programed to do nearly anything which includes; playing many large and detailed games, retrieving information on anything instantly, saving data like an external hard drive, and it can communicate with text or voice to the distance of a few galaxies, or if its a good day a couple of dimensions. Though some simply treat them as a mechanical pet.

Stage 1

There are still many new programs being designed for them, they have existed for a while, which is why they look a bit older than they are. Maybe one day the company will release an updated look, or a new skin.

Stage 2

As the product ages it will become approved for new even more impressive updates. At first it will be sold as a little hand held console, comfortable to hold and near indestructible. As it needs more room for the upgrades it will grow into a larger frame, but as it gets a bit difficult to carry the company cleverly designed a sturdy lizard like metallic body to carry the valuable electronics inside. It is still able to perform all the tasks it could before, and much more. Using the wires stashed in the tail it can be plugged into any kind of port for uploading or downloading data. And you dont even have to worry about changing batteries, these marvels are rechargeable and use a surprisingly small amount of energy to run due to very effective electrical energy storage and usage with lithium technology. If hit by a lightening bolt theres a chance it will never have to be charged again. The uses for this amazing gift are never ending, why not buy one as a gift and watch your friends amazement as they figure out all the fun they can have with on of these highly popular gifts.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Robotic (Not breedable)
When available:  Two weeks before Christmas
Does it battle?  No

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