Pronunciation: Ed-co

Stage 0

This was one of the earlier attempts by the same manufacturer, a sleek and stylish clock made from some colourful, tough, slick plastics. However once it hit the right date it still proved to have a similar glitch, almost as if this metamorphosis was on purpose...

Stage 1

Once again the internal wires have destructively broken loose from inside the clocks body, and the plastic seems to slowly stretch and grow with each day into some kind of fin structure... As the machine seems to meld back together its shape takes some familiarity on. It develops a bird like head with a beak, and the fins on top wriggle and flap like half formed wings. Its tail is long, though unlike a birds it has a ridged tail like structure through the whole of the feathers center. Since it isnt a living bird but some strange take on life this could be its way of getting around having something as thin as a feather, but as strong and movable as a tail. However despite this interesting little change from its biological cousins it still remains too weak and not fully functioning enough to walk or fly yet, it simply makes funny little clicking and mechanical sounds.

Stage 2

When it has been allowed some more time to fully assemble itself into the large bird like machine it can then walk and fly effectively, though it still rarely does. It seems this mechanical self made creature prefers to be an object of beauty as it stands around preening and posing most of the time. Though it may looked feathered from a distance it is easy to see the 'feathers' are really long flat slabs of the oddly malleable yet strong plastic that had coated the original clock. However it can still flap and fly with some grace about it, its movement although sometimes a bit jerky due to the workings inside it the bird is usually restrained and serene. They often take to holding a marble or round object of some kind in their beak, whether this is a glitch, on purpose, or needed for them to operate is currently unknown. It is best to keep a orb near them until they pick it up if you dont want any round objects to get permanently lodged in their beak. No matter what it is, or what its for, they will happily show the object off to anyone that takes notice of them, this attachment to a inanimate object has made some people wonder if the colourful bird thinks it is an egg. This would explain why only the adults seem interested in doing it, though they leave real eggs alone. Sadly no one will ever truly know unless they find whoever designed them.



Other info

Breed group:  Robotic (Not breedable)
When available:  It was only available on the 11th of November 2011 and cant be bought from the Felkyo shop anymore.
Does it battle?  No

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