Pronunciation: Egg-o-ro-st-na

(Though it is not needed there is a slight alveolar trill, or roll on the 'r' )

Stage 0

This beautiful old bejewelled egg looks like an enamel decoration, but it is actually a tough reflective shell that protects the young creature inside.

Stage 1

The small creature that emerged from the egg appears to be oddly mammal like, more specifically rodent like. It has a small fluffy body and oversized ears, though there are odd scale like jewels and artistic patterns decorating its fur.

Stage 2

Fully grown this beautiful slender creature is a highly sought after, both as a pet and poachers prey. The creature looks like a lop eared rabbit, though it still has the sparkling jewels and shimmering patterns on it fur. It cant seem to sit still, either out of nerves, or being energetic. They are kept amongst the wealthy as status symbols, or their unique velvety hides, tender tasty meat and jewels are sold off for a good sum. The oval red opal in its forehead it particularly valuable as it is said to have prophetic properties. However to most people this animal is much more valuable alive. It is easy to love its quirky nature and graceful body. To help their survival, and rarity they are barely ever seen in the wild, their skittish movements protect them from most hunters. However their eggs can be found scattered in woodland and fields on the day known as Easter Sunday.


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Other info

Breed group:  Large rodent (Not breedable)
When available:  Easter
Does it battle?  No