Pronunciation: E-tope-eye

Stage 0

These odd secluded plants are only found by those who know the Carulien desert well with their Sibuna companion. At this stage they look the most normal. Though it still moves about a lot for a plant.

Stage 1

After very little watering and a lot of sunlight the cactus will grow up in a single shoot, which tends to wiggle with a good rhythm. Some have been used as very unusual metronomes.

Stage 2

The personality of the cactus will soon begin to show as a face appears in the cracks of the plants smooth skin. Other branches will grow off from its simple form and join in the swinging with the main body of the cactus. This entertaining little dance becomes more complex as the plant gets older.

Stage 3

Just as it is ready to grow into its final stage a beautiful pink flower will bloom on top of its head.

Stage 4

The adult cacti are very rambunctious, always jumping about and partying even if there is no music. They pick up some clothing from anything nearby, even if they have to sew it themselves with their old discarded bark and needles. The clothing seems to be used to accent or show off their wild movements.


 The Keystone

Other info

Breed group:  Plant
When available:  Always, the Keystone code is given out in a private message after raising a Sibuna jackal to its end stage.
Does it battle?  No