Pronunciation: Et-ren-ne

Stage 0

Their name comes from a gift given on the eve of the new year amongst certain people since they were often found in or wrapped around the gifts. The young spend most of their time sleeping while making cute whistling and crackling sounds like distant chinese fire crackers and fireworks.

Stage 1

Once they mature a little and wake up they become as lively as a wild spark and race around with limitless energy at night.

Stage 2

Being nocturnal they curl up and sleep in a dark corner during the day. This is probably because of their colouring, they have very dark navy blue bodies blend into the night perfectly. The brilliant plumes that decorate its body will scare away most predators when they are puffed out making the vibrant colours explode against the shadows and flash across the darkness.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Celebration (Not breedable)
When available:  New years day
Does it battle?  No

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