Stage 0

However when it first emerges from the pod it should be quickly wrapped up in a flame proof blanket to help it contain its flames. Do not be alarmed when the blanket starts to set on fire, the oil it produces has simply spread onto it. The blanket may be removed as it gets older and starts to gain more control.

Stage 1

This experiment proved difficult to control and study, but in the end we succeeded in splicing the fire inducing energy of a Pyrio Charm and the common Fyrilarch. The appearance of the cat surrounded by a large searing blaze is unbelievable. However it is fairly simple.

Stage 2

The entirety of its body is covered in flame proof fur and feathers, even the eyes and claws have a tiny transparent layer on them. Then there is a layer of highly flammable, long lasting oil coating it, which is set aflame by the combustible energy imbued in it through the Pyrio charms. This creature can also set external substances on fire, much to the dismay of many lab technicians after various lab coats and explosive experiments incidents. However the Fire Fyrilarch can have some very useful applications, such as using its oil or indeed itself as a fuel source, keeping warm on the move in a cold climate, or simply training it to set specific targets on fire, or heat up various implements. As long as the cat isnt hungry their flames can make a very tasty roast leg of Cairisay. Their diet seems to be the same as any other Fyrilarch, though they do eat more than normal its not a relatively great amount.

Stage 3

This is the breeding stage, the creatures can now breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


Loreuna science centre

Other info

Breed group:  Domestic cat
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Spliced from: Fyrilarch x Pyrio charm

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