Gar, or Garpike are a large freshwater fish that inhabits slow moving waters in North and Central America. They are an ancient breed of armoured fish that is still living in murky rivers today. These are fearsome looking fish with long alligator like jaws, hence why one of their breeds is named the Alligator Gar. They are well evolved to survive in water lacking in oxygen. They can even live in stagnant water by taking breathes from the surface of the water and storing the air in their adapted swim bladder. Their flesh is edible and their tough scales have a wide range of uses to more primitive cultures. They made a lot of objects, from arrow heads to armours. 

Stage 0

A freshly caught fish flopping around. Wait a few moments while it calms down.

Stage 1

The fish is finally calm enough to safely approach. Quick, put it in a tank!

Stage 2

It looks a lot happier in the tank, and now it can be taken anywhere at anytime.

Stage 3

The fish has calmed down and gotten used to its new home. Its now happy enough to breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


 The lake

Other info

Breed group:  Fish
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Requirement: Has to be fished

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