Pronunciation: Gres-sant

Stage 0

The Gresant egg is speckled, broad and large, although not as popular as chicken eggs it is considered a delicacy like the adult bird. Luckily they are hard to find as they dont breed well from a domestic raising, and these stocky eggs are hard to find hidden among the similar coloured grasses and heather on the moors ground.

Stage 1

The chick keeps the dull colours of the egg to help it keep hidden among the soft browns and greys of its surroundings. The ashen feathers are soft fluffy down feathers that keep the chick warm as it concentrates all its energy on surviving in the harsh environment of the moorland.

Stage 2

Once it is older the young Gresant will start to forage for its own food. The dark grey downy feathers will molt leaving the bird with its paler adult feathers. The young birds are often naive and a little clumsy as they get used to their longer legs, body and feathers.

Stage 3

The adult Gresant is a land bird, its large wings are not made for long flights, only bursts of flight for a short time. It is much better on the ground as it is able to navigate and dash through its rough boggy homeland terrain better than most other creatures. However they rarely run from predators. Instead they crouch down and keep as low down as possible in the hope their brown feathers will blend in with the surroundings. If that doesnt work and the predator comes very close to the bird the Gresant will suddenly explode up in a fierce panicking flurry from the ground. The faint mottling of reflective rainbow coloured specks on its wings and tail help startle the enemy, particularly in bright sunlight. Humans and many other predators have all been scared and even knocked back by this sudden rush of what looks like an ambush. However the bird would very rarely attack preferring to fly or run away as fast as it can while the enemy is in shock. These large ground birds would only attack if their eggs were in danger.


Byseniath Moors

Other info

Breed group:  Big bird
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No