Stage 0

These shiny party pets only appear in times of great luck, such as a great disaster where everyone survives, or when someone wins a large amount of riches. Some people believe they cause this good luck and have sought after them as good luck charms, dead or alive.

Stage 1

The two lucky gold coins attached to the red tendrils coming from its shoulders are traditionally passed down through the Jades family, though the older ones will gratefully take any similar coins as a gift from their owner. The purpose of the coins can be either a social standing symbol, (for example the most powerful carry the biggest coins) a toy, (with the younger ones) or a defensive weapon, though they are rarely provoked to fight unless threatened and backed into a corner.

Stage 2

In the wild they are very flighty, though once raised in a domestic environment like any party pet they become very faithful and friendly. Their skin is a rich shiny pale green, tough and smooth like stone, yet somehow soft and warm at the same time. Each blood red spine and tendril is tipped with a nugget of gold, along with the jade crystals growing at the top of its legs and around its neck this unfortunately makes the elusive creature a very attractive animal to hunt. You can only own 3 of these pets.


6 in 100 chance in the lottery

Other info

Breed group:  Celebration (Not breedable)
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No

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