Pronunciation: Av-e-deer

Stage 0

The young of the avideer creature are kept in a warm stocking for a while after they are born, normally the mother deer like a bird keeps them close and warm in the harsh wintry climates they live in. But in captivity they are fine in large soft stockings.

Stage 1

Soon enough they start to shakily walk about, and soon after they start trying to use their wings. However it will be a few months before the small wings will be strong enough to support the weight. Since they are often born in small and high caves in mountainous area the parents take turns flying out to gather soft leaves or bark for their partner and young. Another reason why the avideer are rare is because they only have one or two fawns per breeding. This causes less strain on the parents having to provide for the cute fawn in the barren landscapes they inhabit.

Stage 2

These cute and quite elegant creatures are a firm part of Christmas tradition with their bright red collars with jingling bells and their snowy wings. These spectacular flying reindeer are a rare breed in the wild due to hunters enjoying the challenge of a creature with breath taking speed and agility on the ground and in the air. Their meat is also some of the lightest, softest and tastiest available. However they are currently a very popular pet which is encouraging breeding and raising their numbers. Although they constantly live in cold environments these incredibly loyal pets are happy to curl up with owners in front of the fire.


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Other info

Breed group:  Deer (Not breedable)
When available:  Two weeks before Christmas
Does it battle?  No

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