Pronunciation: Ju-bun-chik

Previous location: Spring meadows

Spring time is in full swing in our new location, if you take a walk outside the town you will now find some gorgeous hills that stretch as far as the eye can see with no sign of human occupation at all. There appears to be nothing here but us and the butterflies. Since the weather has been fair so far and there has been no sign of anything dangerous everyone is advised to go out and enjoy this perfect place while it lasts.

Stage 0

Among the millions of beautifully simple and wonderful smelling flowers you may find a strange painted egg. Although these objects appear to be man made we discovered they are naturally decorated in little patterns and pictures. They are the eggs of what has been named the Jubunchik among the townspeople.

Stage 1

They are a small and playful cross between normal rabbits and some kind of domestic bird as they have mammal like bodies and legs with rabbit ears. Their lithe bodies have patches of fluffy feathers and wings instead of front legs. The young are very easily agitated and its advised to keep them somewhere quiet and warm if you intend on keeping them.

Stage 2

The adults are more docile and they are a remarkable creature, able to soar and hop with great agility they are great fun to watch in their small family groups. They can sometimes be seen playing in the long grass, leaping joyfully into the air using thier wings to glide for a short distance before dropping back down into the grass. It can be fun to watch these strange creatures on a lazy, sunny afternoon.



Other info

Breed group:  Large rodent (Not breedable)
When available:  It appeared in a previous location and is no longer available.
Does it battle?  No

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