Pronunciation: Lam-prey

The lamprey is a slightly disturbing eel like fish that does not have the usual fish mouth. Instead it has a circular tube like mouth with teeth jutting out in nightmarish circular tiers. Though there are lampreys that harmlessly feed on matter in the water they are most well known for their parasitic vampire like breeds. These blood suckers attach their mouth to a fish, often a large one, then they use the knife like teeth to bore into the fish’s flesh and feed on the blood and fluid inside until either the fish is drained dry or the lamprey is full. Thankfully they don’t attack humans unless they are absolutely desperate. 

Stage 0

A freshly caught fish flopping around. Wait a few moments while it calms down.

Stage 1

The fish is finally calm enough to safely approach. Quick, put it in a tank!

Stage 2

It looks a lot happier in the tank, and now it can be taken anywhere at anytime.

Stage 3

The fish has calmed down and gotten used to its new home. Its now happy enough to breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


 The lake

Other info

Breed group:  Fish
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Requirement: Has to be fished

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