Lizzy, or Liz, both short for Elizabeth, is a travelling fortune teller, her softly accented voice gives away a vaguely European background. She has dazzling green eyes and shimmering autumn auburn coloured hair that ripples in waves down her back. She is often found wearing the rich green multilayered dress, or a simple modest tan linen one if she is doing more manual or casual work. Lizzy has a pair of normal long distance glasses, and a pair of green tinted sunglasses, but doesn’t often wear either unless she has to. She usually only appears in wild peaceful forests where she finds it easiest to cast her runes or read her cards. She was born in a small village on the outskirts of Italy, though her heritage is Germanic. However as she got older she decided she wanted to travel and help others with her talents. Somewhere in her twenties she is similar to Lunasif, though they havent met. She is a peaceful content being, it is impossible to imagine her being angry, or upset, or anything besides the lightly smiling lady she is. The old fashioned gypsy caravan she travels in used to belong to friend who travelled with her for a time. However they eventually went their separate ways kindly leaving Lizzy with the caravan. It is pulled by a black and white shire horse, but the strong beast is usually left to its own wandering until it is called back by a special piercing whistle. Lizzy will stay in one spot for anything from a few days to a month moving when the whim takes her. She survives off this intuitive instinct which so far has never steered her in the wrong direction.

Separating her from the others characters is the fact she has never had to fight, and would never want to. She doesn’t have any weapons, or magic apart from her divination skills. Luckily she doesn’t run across trouble as the others seem to. Or maybe trouble has no reason to find her, or pick on her as she never bothers anyone. Though if something did want to catch her they would have trouble keeping hold of the lithe agile figure beneath the puffy dress. Her ability to hide and move unheard even through the densest of forests makes some wonder if she is part dryad, though she would just laugh lightly at the notion.

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