Lunasif, usually just called Luna, is a raven-haired woman with dark sapphire eyes who was originally born in North England to a loving average family, who she ran away from at the tender age of fourteen after much distress over her newfound power. Luna has an influence over fire, to control and manipulate it. She wandered around doing any odd job she could after running away from her parents Over her travels in Europe, she grew in skill with fighting and honed her power over fire. She was alone and struggling until she befriended a large wolf called Sarigar who became attached to her. She is now rarely seen without her wolven companion, and although she doesn’t know it her wolf is a second generation from the Fenrir brood. Sherogeth is known as her cousin, though he’s actually her ancestor, they met in a reluctant meeting in the Sanctuary bar . The two get along, roughly.

Later on came adventure and danger in her wild exploratory life after meeting with the lost family member and unlocking the devastation of her panther like demoncat, which was a curse on her family due to the said once missing member. Then for possessing a demon in her Lunasif was captured for months by a ruthless demon hunting organization. After escaping them with the help of Sherogeth and a friend she dedicated her life to taking the group down from the inside. She now travels about capturing and secretly helping the demonically possessed people the demon hunters are after. It is a risky job and doesn’t leave her much time to visit family or friends anymore.

Thanks to her unusual ancestry she used to be able to make a normal flame appear, but after a close call with an angry giant fire elemental she learnt how to create a black fire that works like nitro-glycerine, but in flame form. It is explosive and seems to be the opposite of a normal fire, so its endothermic, and like a black hole absorbs heat, light and material instead of burning, though it gives off a flurry of white sparks. It can burn in one spot for a while though it eventually goes out. The only weapon she has is a flamberge sword, not a claymore length one, just an ordinary sword with a rippled edge to the blade. When she burns the black fire along the swords metal it reacts dramatically and stretches out into maybe it’s original form, a long slim scythe. This allows her to switch from short range combat to a better length to swipe at more distant enemies.

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