Pronunciation: Lie-kore-ga

Previous location: Misty moorlands

This month the traveling city of Loreuna seems to have arrived in some creepy swampy moorland type of area. The ground is hard to navigate, full of dense grass covered pits and soft stinking sinking mud with dead trees littering the area. The air is very humid so a lot of rolling fog banks are expected, and a lot of bug spray may be needed. Although there is a unmistakable chill in the air there are still a lot of blood sucking insects that refuse to leave the living alone. Of course there has been ominous sightings of much bigger and much more dangerous creatures lurking in the everlasting mists that circle the area. People are warned to look out for anything unusually different to our own safer known types of animal. Also people are advised to not travel alone in the mist that is already enveloping our town. In fact its safer to stay inside at night. So for everyones good no one should go beyond the borders of the city at all unless they have a group that know what their doing. Please sit tight and stay safe until we move again.

Stage 0

Just to add to the spookiness of the place an abundance of large canine like skulls have been spotted all over the ground in the surrounding area. They are covered in blood red scrawled arcane drawings that are unknown to us. Even looking at one has given people a strong feeling of fear and dread, so it is probably a good idea to leave them alone.

Stage 1

We think the skulls may be related to the terrifying lupine creatures that have been shifting about in the mists. No one has been knowingly killed by one yet, but from thier apperance and blood chilling aura of dread everyone is safer staying away from them at all costs.

Stage 2

This creature which has been named the Lykourga has shown to be extremely vicious and possibly deadly due to the bloody results of some close encounters by some of our more foolish citizens. It is a crimson and pale blue spirit animal, twisted and contorted in appearance as it appears to be created out of many ruthlessly killed wolves that used to live on the land at some time. The anger and animosity which it has shown only towards humans would suggest that people killed them, though we have not had contact with any people in this wasteland. It is unsure what happened to them if they existed. For anyone brave or insane enough to try and tame these wild unliving beasts they would make a most impressive pet.



Other info

Breed group:  Undead (Not breedable)
When available:  It appeared in a previous location and is no longer available.
Does it battle?  No

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