Pronunciation: Mal-o-men

Stage 0

 This beast seems to like having a nest that will often be full of shiny things it has managed to steal away, another little annoyance that it uses to infuriate people. This bed will commonly be made up of missing keys and glasses. The crack strewn egg blends into the nest well as it has a glittering silvery surface that is tempting to people. They have been sold as a nugget of precious material several times, but once the reflective shell is broken open by the hatchling Malomen the buyer will soon realize their mistake.

Stage 1

Despite its bad (and well earned) reputation the Malomen creature has a almost supernatural beauty to its black and white pelt, and the feathers that glitter with opalescent shades of purple and green. The dark and enigmatic colouring along with the bizarre triple set of limbs taps into a primal sense of the occult. A few people have kept the young beast since the babies will act cute to take advantage of their adopted parent. However their true nature will appear sooner or later, then the demonic animal will usually be left to survive in the world by itself. Only those with an equally wicked moral compass or the patience of a saint are able to keep this creatures around.

Stage 2

The Malomen has often been called a lesser demon throughout history, which isnt surprising considering its sinister life style and surrounding supersitions. With dark prayers of vengeance this creature can supposedly be summoned by victims of humiliation at the hands of pranksters and tricksters only on Friday the 13th. The devilish being would come in the night like a shadow and bring about terrible dreams and discomforts, depending on the amount of suffering and pleading from the one who prayed. The prankster would often be subjected not only to nightmares, but day terrors, the disembodied sound of the demonic hooves clicking along the road behind them, and brief ominous visions of the creature in their daily view. And the creature in turn would feed on the energy produced by their anxiety, terror and stress. These creatures are also supposed to attract a lot of bad luck, which adds to the pranksters discomfort. It also means they are rare and greatly disliked often leading to them being chased away or killed on sight, which makes it hard to find out anything about them besides the stories. However both in and out of the stories they always show a wicked fondness for mischief and causing annoyance.


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Other info

Breed group:  Big cat
When available:  Friday the 13th
Does it battle?  No