Pronunciation: Mer-kat

Previous location: The merkat's city

The town of Loreuna seems to be currently resting on top of another town phasing with its buildings and creating some confusion with its local people. Please try to help with this slight problem, be helpful to the people and pretend this is how its always been and we should be able to live without any problems. The town is in the 21st century timeline, so the furturistic houses of Loreuna will need to convert to thier retro styles. People interested in this town may like to note it already had a mixture of styles from previous centuries and enoy the artisic blending of architectures with our own.  So try to enjoy the current location of Loreuna as usual, there is little threat so feel free to explore this zone.

Stage 0

These pets are so treasured they are often sold from shops and breeders in thier own little bed with a collar for when they get a bit older.

Stage 1

The young are always curious and get into everything they can in a mischievous way. They tend to stand up on thier back legs to look out for approaching trouble, or to look around when thier already in trouble and need a way out. Thankfully they calm down as adults and tend to be more reserved.

Stage 2

The common pet in this town is quickly spreading through our own, the affectionatly named 'merkat', though it is much closer related to cats than meerkats. These dashing cats seem to be decended and very well domesticated from a nearby wildcat species, despite its apperance most of the wilderness has gone from its loving nature. It appears highly intelligent and well loved among the citizens, so be careful with them. Storytellers may be interested to know there is some vague tale of it origially being brought in from the forests by the royalty of the time and it was the favoured pets of nobles. However it was easy to breed and soon reached the poorer people, though later on the hierachy of upperclasses fell anyway.



Other info

Breed group:  Domestic cat (Not breedable)
When available:  It appeared in a previous location and is no longer available.
Does it battle?  No

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