Pronunciation: Mer-lick

Stage 0

A sea predators tooth attached onto a piece of cord this charm is connected to the element of water. This charm will ward away dangers, particularly water related ones.

Stage 1

As it is added to it becomes very ornate and stylish. Although it is still a protective charm it will begin to feel like it has more of a soothing aura.

Stage 2

When complete it becomes part of a stone bowl often used by healers. The liquid it holds never runs out, it just condensates back very quickly. It is water though it seems to be infused with something the bowl's material gives off. It makes any healing potion, medicine, infusion or anything else much more potent. The bowl is some kind of limestone like rock, it can be heated up on a fire or frozen.


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Other info

Breed group:  Object (Not breedable)
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Spliced: Water fyrilarch