Pronunciation: My-rel-lei-an

Stage 0

This small and plain coloured cone shaped egg will eventually become an incredible moth. They are often found attached to leaves or branches on moorlands. Because of their size they are hard to find.

Stage 1

A brightly coloured caterpillar will emerge from the egg quickly consuming the leaf it was born on, and any nearby. They have a large appetite and will steadily grow as long as they have a good food supply.

Stage 2

The cocoon that the caterpillar will spin is also brightly coloured, perhaps to try and convince predators it is poisonous. Some people like to keep the tough though pliable shell of the cocoon for its colours. The material can be processed and formed into beautiful lamp shades or jewellery, though it is often too stiff or delicate for clothing.

Stage 3

As the moth emerges from the cocoon you will be able to tell whether it has the skull wings or the heart wings. The skull patterned wings are slightly more common than the colourful heart dotted wings. Presumably this is because the dark colours of the skull wings help the nocturnal moth hide better than the dazzling colours of the heart wings. Although they seem pretty and harmless to us the heart shaped splodges are meant to scare predators away. These delicate creatures are harder to look after than most pets, but can still be trained with some sugar.


Byseniath Moors

Other info

Breed group:  Insect
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No