Pronunciation: Neb-u-la Ig-gla-ce-ar

Stage 0

The oval 'egg' like form these creatures start off in is a beautiful object. Its a smooth icy stone that shows the small flame moving inside, yet the cold shell never seems to melt even in warm temperatures. The rare nebula type displays a celestial pattern on the ice, as if the image of the star in the night sky was captured on it.

Stage 1

Eventually the flames inside the pebble seem to outgrow the ice its captured in, and so the shell slowly grows out to form the creatures exoskeleton over a few weeks. The shell twists and spikes into strange formations as it becomes this very alien looking being. The encased fire seems to sculpt the ice around itself, eventually gaining control of it and using it to become mobile in a almost crystalline body. The nebula Iglaciar will remain covered in a shifting pattern of deep space stars and nebula like violet clouds.

Stage 2

The Iglaciar will finally grow out into this large, majestic yet very strange looking creature. With a body moulded from living ice by an inner soul of living flames it seems almost unreal when it sits before you with its iridescent colours. This is amplified in the nebula type with a shimmering cosmic illusion mingling with the oranges of the fire. It looks as if a tiny piece of the vast universe was trapped inside at its birth. This breath taking beast is actually very tame, despite its long sharp claws which are actually more often used to grip the icy world it comes from. As it seems to live by absorbing flames there was little need for fighting over food or against prey, and there was very few territorial battles. The only noise it makes is an odd whispering created by the flames controlling the air inside the delicate looking ice we presume. We are not sure about its intellect, they seem a curious type of creature, yet despite the cold stare they also act warmly towards people. Anyone wanting to own a very unusual, gorgeous, and out of this world pet must try and get one of these icy eggs.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Golem (Not breedable)
When available:  Now, for only a couple of weeks.
Does it battle?  No

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