Pronunciation: Ork-ee

Stage 0

The tiny newborn offspring are often kept together in thier litter on rocky shores until they get more adventurous.

Stage 1

Until thier body adapts more to an amphibious life style they slip into the waves and stay there for the first month or two of thier life. The young are very adept at bolting throught the water at speeds unattainable by the adults, or predators.

Stage 2

The carefree way that the young orkies navigate and play in even the roughest of waves is amazing to watch. They are sociable creatures and often form a tight family from the group of fishermen that own them. They are generally very friendly creatures to other creatures that they have been brought up with, though with new animals they are timid.

Stage 3

The Fishermans guild is the only known way to own one of these rare and beautiful creatures. The fishermen affectionately call them Orkies and they are invaluable to their profession. Although they can live on land, preferably in a very humid or damp place, it becomes obvious that they are most at home in large open area of water, both inland lakes, or preferably the sea in any kind of temperature. In their work they are confident as they efficiently find and herd fish into the nets. Their colouring blends in with costal areas, the blue striped patterns mimic the light under the waves. The Orkies communicate with each other through a complex range of noises, from a short barking noise on land to excited squeaks and clicking underwater. They can be easily trained to a whistle like a sheepdog, they are highly intelligent and can be taught almost any trick within their physical capability. Performing troupes of these creatures can be found in travelling circuses because of this, though since they are on land with only tanks of water the fishermens Orkies are often more healthy and happy.

Stage 4

When the Orkie gets to a certain age these light blue patterns turn a searing red, their strength increases and their nature becomes a little more aggressive. This is presumed to be because the older Orkies are the elder dominant ones tasked with protecting the colony.

Stage 5

To help them in their protective duties they gather shells and using smooth rocks fashion a kind of armor. They will accept help from owners and are grateful for the much better human made shell armor.


The pier

Other info

Breed group:  Pinniped 
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  Yes

Battling stats




Fish charm Ocean moon Maelstrom
The best way to catch fish! The summoned fishy allies will do % damage. Empowered by the breath taking reflection of the moon in the ocean this does % damage. A devastaing summoned sea storm that does % damage.

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