Pronunciation: Pa-drey-kh

Stage 0

Watch out for a beer glass sporting a clover like tail, chances are it might be a Padraick serpent. Biting down on it would certainly bring bacd luck, whether you believe in clovers or not.

Stage 1

The little serpent seems to have grown larger, but its still very attached to the beer glass it was found in. Perhaps it wants a refill?

Stage 2

This vivid green serpent will often be found near pubs, bars and anywhere else with alcohol, making it a bit of a nuisance to the owner of the alcohol. The Padraick's tail ends in a delicate four leafed clover, which tempts people into thinking it is luckier than their close Northern cousins the Semairog.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Serpent (Not breedable)
When available:  St Patricks day
Does it battle?  No

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