Pronunciation: Po-ko-let-teh

Stage 0

Designed by top watch manufacturers this watch was once known as being at the pinnacle of its market. The style was simple, yet lavishly elegant, and the time piece quietly whirred as it kept perfect time without having to be wound up by hand. They were the perfect thing to show off amongst the higher social classes until one day they all stopped working at the same time, twelve o'clock. A lot of people attempted to send the watches back, but the company that created the sublime devices had vanished off the face of the earth. Some think this was the first creation of the insanely talented engineer who also created the Edco clock and the Ditusra. Though for this to be true he would have had a very long life, or maybe he lived in a time traveling town.

Stage 1

The un-returnable watches were either kept or discarded, often picked up by or passed on to those in lower classes who enjoyed this little useless piece of luxury. The owners of the classic watch sooner or later realised there was still a whirring coming from inside the clock, the gears were still turning. But they were starting to contort, the metal had started to shift and bend inside the casing. It takes a while to happen, but the clever little watches eventually seem to gain a life of their own.

Stage 2

As the golden material slowly takes shape dazzling strips of glassy rainbow colours emerge and grow into tiny wings. The inner coils unfurl into a serptine tail with a equally brilliant fin at the end and long metallic limbs with claws appear below the chest. However the head keeps a roundness to it and takes on the guise of a hummingbird like shape with small intelligent eyes. It moves effortlessly with a subtle whirring and clicking as its minute parts clink against each other. Its impossible to guess what the purpose or drive behind this creature is. Although it seems harmless and responsive enough to be a pet it has some odd tendencies. One moment it will be curling around its owners fingers, the next it will be at the top of a nearby tree giving a shrieking call. It is deceptively fast giving amazing bursts of speed that make it almost invisible for a short time. The extremely small drone that it can control with a whistling frequency and summons out of a storage space on its back has even better speed allowing it to disappear as it travels long distances. Its not known what this drone does while its gone, or even if there are more than one as between blinking they are hard to keep track of. However nothing bad has knowingly been attributed to them so for now they dont pose a threat.



Other info

Breed group:  Robotic (Not breedable)
When available:  It was only available on the 12th of December 2012 and cant be bought from the Felkyo shop anymore.
Does it battle?  No

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