Previous location: Iceburg wasteland

At this festive time we have conveniently been relocated to a snowy wasteland. It is a good time to practice your winter sports and enjoy the chilling Arctic breezes. There is a small camp of natives to the west, we arent sure of their customs, but they seem to be a little primitive. So please restrain from racing hover vehicles past their location as this may startle them and cause hostilities. It has been noted that several large wooly creatures have been seen lumbering in the distance. Not entirely sure what they are they seem bear like, but at the same time very different. They have been dubbed, 'polar mammoths' as it does seem to be a combination of a common polar bear and a mammoth. Although they seem gentle natured we dont want to risk a more polar bear like reaction from these gentle behemoths, so please be careful when around them. However you may visit the nearby village if you wish. Enjoy the weather and merry christmas!

Stage 0

Oddly the polar mammoths seem to keep their new born offspring in a tough leathery egg like sac, presumably until their long shaggy hair grows in to protect them from the harsh temperatures here. These 'eggs' are fiercely guarded by a ring of adults, so do not even try to get one. Unless you are lucky enough to find an abandoned egg of course. 

Stage 1

And at all costs avoid their rather cuddly looking and clumsy babies as they are equally highly protective of them. Any intruders will soon be met with a bristling wall of long tusks and deep threatening roars.

Stage 2

The adults are thick set and stocky, the dense fur, layer of fat and impressive muscle structure allows them to stay warm and mobile even in the harshest of mid winter blizzards. Thier tusks seem to be used fro a wide variety of tasks, from moving through snow drifts to catching the fish this species live off. They are extremely wary of us as any wild creature would be, but as long as their young arent around they tend to bolt instead of staying to fight. If raised in a domestic setting we presume they would be perfectly gentle and fine to keep.



Other info

Breed group:  Large mammal (Not breedable)
When available:  It appeared in a previous location and is no longer available.
Does it battle?  No

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